Friday, April 5, 2013

Mr. Pope-ular

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Between all the fighting crime and losing my watch with a little train on it, I have lost all track of time. But this reminds me of something. Something strange but yet, fascinating. But more on that later.

For now, I will tell you about the smoke and the chimney. You remember that MTV Bakra gag, where one person looks up, at nothing, and gets curious people passing by to look at what he’s looking at? Well, that same thing seems to be happening in the Vatican. This one person started looking at the chimney of the Sixteenth Chapel, and immediately, thousands gathered around him to see what was going on.

My job was to find this no-good doer and scold him. Why would someone do such a thing, I asked myself as I wandered amongst the upward looking crowd. With everyone around looking up, it was hard, if not impossible to find the culprit who started looking up at the chimney. 

All of a sudden, there was unrest amongst the crowd. I took a glance at the chimney. Something seemed to be happening. Black smoke emerged from the chimney, as the crown yelped in disappointment. I was confused. Why was everyone looking up to the chimney with black smoke coming out of it? 

I kept walking around, trying to figure out the situation. There had to be something more than met the eye. I bumped into countless cameras and news crews. None of them seemed to be there to interview me, which I found strange. Very strange. Why else would they be here?

I kept walking around, trying to figure out who started this mass fool making joke. At times even I was tempted to look up at the chimney, just out of pressure and curiosity. This joke had been taken too far.

Just then, white smoke emerged from the chimney. The people went berserk. Why would the crowd cheer on plain white smoke? I later saw what they were actually cheering. A stout man with a huge megaphone walked out. He was saying something, but I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying. I rushed towards this man, who was starting to get more familiar with every step I took in his direction.

It then struck me. This beach ball, a bunch of kids were playing with within the crowd. Come on parents, watch your children in such large crowds. Anyway, I recognised the man with the megaphone. Who was he you ask? Oh, you didn’t? I’ll tell you anyway. He was none other than television personality Papyrus Roacha! How exciting no? You had to be there!

I managed to finally hear what he was saying. He told everyone that they were victim to a mass prank on their popular TV show, MeTV Pope-ut. Everything now made sense. The cameras were not interested in me because they were shooting footage for the show. I’m sure I made it to the final edit though. I am now waiting to see myself on the show.
So, that’s that. The city is once again safe. No one is looking up at the sky, unless they are cursing the bird that just pooed in their coffee. All’s normal again.

This is SuperCraig signing out, reminding you parents again; Please take care of your kids, especially in crowded areas. If they get lost, then you’ll call me only. Make my life a little easier, no? Deal?

Also, please note, I do not mean to hurt the religious sentiments of anyone, not that there are any obvious references to any religion in my post. Take it as a joke and move on. I do that everyday when i look in the mirror.

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Aiysha Gomes said...

Bring it on... SuperCraig :))))