Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SuperCraig goes back to school

Wow! this daily thing seems to have turned into a monthly chore!
anyway...its time for another adventure of SuperCraig..and his trusty sidekick...ooops..sidekick still not found.. heres calling all sidekicks.. come join SuperCraig in his stupid, non-trivial pursuits as he aims to fight the most idiotic bad guys using extra effort than what is usually required and making a big deal out of it and claim fame and recognition (getting it is another matter). heres an insight to what you will be getting into if you are the one lucky one to be chosen(if you are actually stupid enough to apply).

As a superhero..i am required to make appearences at places and give inspirational speeches and the one NATA school (Never amount to anything).. while giving my trademark get off your ass and get the food yourself speech... i started to feel giddy. Wanting water, and not being able to ask anyone to get me some coz of the speech i had just given, i had to drag myself to the water cooler which was a good 4 meters away!! Quenching my thirst and feeling refreshed, i was off to fight the next bad guy i found. For the past few days, they all seemed to have been hiding..but i later figured out that there was a bad guys conference being held in a chateux in France ( hint to the superheros club..we too need to do something like this..and not in a dhabba on a national highway like our last conference).
So while getting out of the school..i heard a cry for came from a classroom. Following my insticnt i ran up to the class..and thats where i saw.. 'Running with scissors in the hand boy'. "Put them down or stop running" i yelled on the top of my voice. But he didn't listen. I knew it was not going to be easy. Recalling all my superhero experience.. i knew exactly what to do.. I went into the schools administrative office...and rang the school bell. As any normal school going child would do after hearing the bell..he kept the scissors in his bag and was at the door of his class ready to go home.
Another disaster averted, thanks to supercraig.This is supercraig signing out and reminding you to say "excuse me" after sneezing.


Avril said...

#1.. i applied long long long long long long long long long ago... that too for partnership.. let me remind u... nd my evaluation was going on??? nd what happened??? sheesh
nd now u open applications for other ppl.. sheesh..i think i shd apply elsewhere...
nd nice to supercraig getting off HIS lazy ass for a change..

Avril said...

i think supercraig died