Monday, October 20, 2008

Kar 'ZZzzzzzzzzzz'

WOW! a month since the last post!! so much for the phrase " A post a day, gives people a lot to read"...
As for SuperCraig... hes not been doing much as of late. Just the occasional saving the fridge from overload, and making sure my family members dont get too fat by finishing the chocolates and ice cream... theres not much to comment about.

ohh but there was this one time..when I indirectly saved the world. Acting on a hunch that super villain and my evil twin Giarc would be at the premier of the crappy hindi movie Karz ..(his favorite actor/singer being Himesh...and he being the exact opposite of me) i decided to keep an eye on that place. Not being able to confront him unless he did something wrong.. i was hiding out at the food stall... well disguised as a customer of the place. I thought to myself, "this is good biryani, this is good apple pie." while keeping an eye on Giarc. Then he did it...the moment i was waiting for... he finally slipped and did something wrong. He entered the theatre to watch the movie. With half the apple pie in my hand I ran to apprehend him. but the security at the gate stopped me, and said "No outside food in the theater!" i being a man of the law, couldn't possibly go against the rules, and letting a good piece of apple pie go to waste is a big a sin as kicking a dying dog in the nuts ( sorry for the bad comparision). So after finishing the pie, and a loud burp later, I tried to enter the theatre again, only this time, to be asked for a ticket. Ohh no i thought, i aint paying money to go into that place, and not for THAT movie! so i decided to wait outside till the movie was over. As luck would have it, "Blow up the world guy" was passing by in his "blow up the world mobile", shouting loudly into his phone, "I am going to blow up the world!". So i told the traffic cop, who happened to be standing there, that "Blow up the world guy" was talking on his phone while driving. The cop stopped him and gave him a ticket, but he could not pay for it, since he spent all of his money on his latest creation, that he calls " Blow up the world device". Having to spend the last bit of money he had on paying the fine, he was unable to buy the switch of the device, which I later learnt he was on the way to buy. Not being able to turn the "Blow up the world device" it was useless.
As for Giarc, my super evil twin, i think the movie took care of him. :P

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