Saturday, September 20, 2008

Highway to Dadar

todays title takes inspiration comes from the ACDC song, Highway to Hell.
Now for "The Adventures Of SuperCraig ©"
it was early in the morning... the sun was just rising the moon..not so, so anyway as usual i was fast asleeep(with an extra 'e') when i got up with a start, and realised i needed to off i went.
anyhoooo...i dont think you really needed the last piece of information.
so there i the bus stop, waiting for the bus when all of a sudden, a bird flies over me. no he doesnt crap on me but on the bald fat man besides me. "not in my city pooperbird" i said, and ran behind him, since there was no place to change into costume and fly. "you will never catch me SuperCraig ©" said pooperbird, who incidently attended superhero/villian school with me, and used to top the class until he realised he was a "bird brain". splat splat was all i could hear as he tried his best to poop on me, but i, an expert as i am at dodging bird poo did my best to the poo as well as the morning rush hour traffic. luckily for me, pooperbird was flying towards dadar, so it made my traveling kinda less.
so still running behind pooperbird my legs started to get tired, and just then "fly killer boy" came along with his "fly killer mobile" and i hopped onto the bike. out of no where he kills a fly and uses it as bait for "pooperbird". with his poo obviously running out he needed to recharge his pooper, so swooping down to the fly he came flying, and just before he could reach it, i grabbed him and put him in a cage. filled with rage, he started pooping all over the cage, and soon realised that he was actually walking in his own poo!
and thus, SuperCraig© saved the day, while reaching work on time!
So until next time, this is SuperCraig©.. reminding you to brush your teeth two times a day! :D


Avril said...

wasnt the SHORT BALD man you???

Avril said...

i love the pics.. whered u get em from?