Monday, September 8, 2008

Pappu cant dance saala? So what?

Listening to the latest Hindi music has become my only source of entertainment now, as my cable walla dosent seem the understand the problem of living without the reception of Star World, Zee Cafe, VH1, or any of the sports channels (apart from Star Cricket (*puke)). The only channels that can be viewed in my house are the great hindi soap channels, hindi music channels and the news channels (but with the news being what it is..who feels like watching it?!) getting back the 'Pappu', on careful listening to the song..i realised..that the only thing pappu lacks is his dancing abilities... but the rest of his life is something anyone would envy. I would gladly give up whatever little dancing abilities i have to live like Pappu. Hes muscular, popular, a bachelor, wears Rado watches, Gucci perfume, has light blue eyes, has an MBA, holidays in France...and a lot lot more...

As for today... most of the day was spent on my bed..sleeping..(thats one thing they didnt say pappu does) after the crazy Saturday night...didnt manage to get up to sing for mass either..let alone get up for any morning mass
Evening was great watching the football finals...though not very enjoyable on an empty stomach
and i am writing this post.. i am setting my alarm to go jogging tomorrow has been 4 days now since i havent gone.
Also..with an interview tomorrow.. i need you to pray for me :)
Thanks and hope that you visit this page again tomorrow :)


Avril said...

#1 instead of complaining about ur cable walla u shd be out there fighting crime..
today ponkypot woman and doinkyboggywog were happily stealing the cocomoco machine and where the hell were u??? (oh yes u were thinking bout living like Pappu) is this an eg u set to us youngsters?? and seeing that there is no superhero post as yet even after a request im guessing that thou hasnt been fighting much crime lately...
nd is it day 5 of no jogging u fat lump??
(this doenst effect my eval, does it?? i mean im jus looking out for the world)

Avril said...

now see u made me forget #2 and 3..

Angelo said...

question is - does pappu go jogging?