Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blog On!!

Well so far so good as far as the blogging goes..
The rains seems to be keeping the heat away slightly...but its still hot! where are the real rains?
if you have been reading my previous posts.. my body and mind was set to go jogging today..except for a minor sleeping clock..i didnt manage to wake up to go jogging in the that makes the day count to '3 days, no jog'
As the title suggests..i saw the movie 'Rock On' today..and was happy that i saw it... its one of the better Indian films i have seen till date. The effort put in by the actors to make the film look as realistic as it did in the end was what i think made a difference.. the performances of Farhan and Purab really got my attention..and Arjun once again shows that he is really underrated!Luke isint known as an actor..but his character really takes some talent to potray..which he seems to have..anyway..enough of 'rock on' i aint getting any money to promote the film...but i am still waiting to watch the first 15 minutes of the movie(which thanks to someone i missed)
today was a pretty eventful day... started out pretty slow..but I got a lot of writing done... i was recently asked to write an article for the Mt.Carmels website on the 'Bandra Deanary Youth Day'..which i completed today.
S.P.Y. See and the kids page too got a big boost towards completion
I also helped mom with the chappatis in the afternoon...thats always fun to do..
Today my friend Varun called us out for a b'day treat...and didnt disappoint :) (thanks a lot Varun, sorry we looted you!).. we ended spending the evening at 'SBX' at Malad after the movie.. throwing darts and shooting some basketball... and not to forget filling our stomachs and minds with some philosiphical deep thoughts by our very own 'Fatty' (Anirban). A long rickshaw ride home brings me here writing this blog.
The entire evening was filled with fun..ranging from secrets being "accidently" brought out, to the occasional fluke basket without looking..
The evening (night) ended on a 'high'..and calming ourselves with a nice cup of coffee was a welcome touch.
I will soon add pictures of this "legend..wait for it....ary" evening as soon as i get 'em
so till the next blog... "stay vigilant" and say no to drugs!
PS: the songs of "rock on" are really catchy..and are still stuck in my head...waiting for a new song to play in my head now!


Charmaine said...

well...if helping mom make chapattis is always fun to do...why don't u do it more often????

Allister Barretto said...

ahahahaha...charmaine..hit craig with the belen....

Avril said...

u only helped mommy wit chapattis?? no cutlets today?? or ice cream?? or jam??? sheesh!!!