Saturday, September 6, 2008


Inspiration for the title comes from the song by the same name...a 17 minute something song..that grows on you..with the amazing tune, guitar and drums solos and lyrics which i havent deciphered as yet..the only bad thing is that you cant listen to the song for even 4 times in an hour :|...portions of which can be heard in a 'Simpsons' episode when Bart passes the lyrics of this song as hymn sheets! Naughty boy Bart!!
In other news today, congrats to "The Nevermind Boys" for making it through as far as the pre-quarters..well its better than what half the teams managed, even though im sure none of the team members will end up reading this, kudos to the team who played to chants of "Shane Shane" hehe..
After two days of resting my legs due to a bruised knee..i feel i am ready to hit the 'jogging scene' once again tomo...only a small problem of getting up now.. yes..the knee is getting better..thanks for asking!
As of now..i am proud of my self that i have kept this blog going for a day!! and thanks to all the readers (both of you hehe)
so until next time... happy reading..and 'stay vigilant'!
PS: If you are reading this.. HAPPY B'DAY!!!(you know who you are)

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Avril said...

#1 i shd get a special thanks for checking the blog everytime i come online.. im sucha loyal reader... and one who has nothin better to do withher time online but still i think i deserve a special thanks.. also for various other reasons like the name etc... and a lot more
#2 i shd be thanked again coz thanks to me u resume ur jogging.. remember i helped it get better wen clumsy u hit the table..
#3.. ummm whts #3?? well how bout some superhero update next huh???
tell us who is ur sidekick???
ok thats it for now