Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday morning, rain is falling

ohh! so we meet again, my dear blog reader!
todays blog title comes from the maroon 5 song, "Sunday Morning"- the song that came to mind as soon as i woke up today with the sounds of the heavy rains that graced us today.
so there i found my self, having a quick breakfast and getting ready for church, (which i actually reached early for!) mass was nice and i met a few friends after mass, after a long time. the rain had stopped by then. so after boasting of my new job (:P) and catching up with a few things... the rain had started again, only this time...a lot there we were... with clearly less umbrellas than people.. ill conclude this by saying..sharing an umbrella - not a good idea.
so after reaching home, half drenched(vertically) had a change of clothes and a wash and caught up on some long missed TV (yes the cable walla has finally fixed it! and i get all the good channels now)
then came the heavy heavy lunch! well done mom! :)
watching FRIENDS for the millionth time was still fun. plans canceled completed the usual sunday tradition of canceling plans, doing a bit of writing and it was soon time for F1 :) ...but with Ferrari displaying a pretty dismal wasnt that enjoyable. but kudos to Vettel a great find by the Red Bull team.
a few hours later..time for dinner...with left overs from afternoon...dinner was as heavy and enjoyable as lunch.
which brings me to me writing the blog...
i know..that was pretty action packed blog is in you will just have to wait..
so until next time..this is humble Craig, signing out!


Avril said...


Avril said...

i love the pics.. whered u get em from?