Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The blue blog... umm... BLOB

So there i was, on top of the tallest building, looking over the city i had saved again. Ohh... let me tell you how i landed up there.
It was a cold morning, and waking up at 10 for me was too early. Anyway, I managed to pull myself out of bed after saving the city from the spoilt karela's (they weren't really spoilt, but where I was going for dinner that night, karela was on the menu). Being laundry day, i took my badly made costume out to the cleaners. I could hear voices that were planning on taking down the city. I looked around, but seeing no one there I thought I was just being paranoid. I mean, who would want to destroy the city on such a beautiful day? I had seen a huge line of ants on the road outside the sweetshop, but that seemed only natural. On my way home, i glanced at the local television shop which was currently displaying the local news channel. Some news about a giant monsterterrorising the city high rises (if you can not imagine this, watch Godzilla, but replace the giant dinosaur with a toothpaste blue blob with an iPod and no shoes). I bought my weeks needs from the neighborhood grocery shop, but weirdly he was out of sugar. Oh wait! the city is being destroyed my the blue blob thingy!
So i dropped the bags on the floor and ran out, only to realize that my costume was at the cleaners. Grabbing some newspaper and glue, I ran to the corner and made myself a mask, a make shift cape and a paper plane out of the last page.
Now with my true identity hidden from the public, and a nice paper plane to play with I caught a rickshaw. "To the blue blob" i yelled. Two
minutes and nine bucks later, i was face to face with the ugly thing. This thing really disgusted me! It left a slimy blue trail behind it and was listening to Akon! I could not let a creature like this roam free in my city. If it was listening to some better music, i would have given it a chance. However, I could still hear those voices while i was fighting the blue blob. The Akon song was now over, and then I could hear Iron Maiden coming from his earphones! At that moment, I knew that he couldn't be a bad guy and i decided to follow the voices i thought i was imagining.
Funnily enough, it led me back to the sweet shop. As i looked down, the ants appeared to be doing the evil dance. How could this be possible? Evil dancing ants? I followed the line of ants which led me to the "Ant brainwashing machine". I knew i had to destroy this...this thing. I lifted it and placed it on the paper plane and threw the plane into the garbage bin (dry waste obviously). Sparks flew from the machine and it was destroyed. As soon as the machine was destroyed, the ants stopped dancing and they all had a confused look on their faces. The machine had been brainwashing these ants to multiply and bring down the city. "Thanks SuperCraig", the ants yelled as they broke into a happy dance.
Which brings me to the opening line of the post. So there i was, on top of the tallest building, looking over the city i had saved again.
What happened to the blue blob you ask? He was always a part of the city. Why wasn't he seen
before? Because he used to live in the sewers and was content living there. Why did he come out now? Coz one of the brainwashed ant had added an Akon song on his iPod. This made him go wild and come out. How did the ant manage such a task? Well... i guess we will never know that.
This is SuperCraig signing out, reminding you to always stay hydrated. :)


Avril said...

this was a good one for a change... :)
i think blue blob sounds cute.. he wld make a nice pet... :)

SuperCraig said...

yes.. he is very cute... but he listens to his iPod all day. and leaves a lot of blue bogey like substance behind.. so the best place for him is the sewers, unless you want to live in the sewers, i would not advice keeping him as your pet.

Avril said...

but i cld make a sewer like bed for him in my room... cldnt i?