Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dude... wheres my eye?

It was his second surgery in a few months. The first was on his lip, swollen after a girl scout punched him and ran away with his money. Yes friends! The person i am talking about is none other than "long hair now short dude".So, coming back to his second surgery. This was surgery on his eye. Because of his super height, and the extreme proximity to the sun, his eye had gone bad. So filling his leave card and being promised reimbursement for the operation from the SuperHero Association, he went to the hospital. Little did he know what was in store for him. He was not going to be reimbursed. Anyway, that comes later in the story. Trying to save a few bucks, and probably with the motive of making a fake bill and asking for extra reimbursement, he admitted himself into a cheap hospital instead of the SuperHero Association recomended one. This would later come back to bite his butt. The hospital he was lying in, was the Villian Hospital. He thought Villian was the name of the place!
So they were prepping him for surgery. They asked him what he does for a living. He proudly stated, "I am a pansy by day, but by night, I am Super Pansy!" That was his undoing. The evil doctors now knew that he was not a villian, even though he looked like one. So they drugged him. When asked about his experience, he says, "All I remember are brilliant colors moving like i was so totally stoned man... it was awesome dude!"

While in surgery, the evil doctors took out his eye and kept it in the petri dish. Now this petri dish was not ordinary dish. It was the feeding bowl for the evil mastermind Dr. Know It All's pet eagle named 'Hairy Eagle'. Out of nowhere, Hairy Eagle swooped down and grabbed the eye in his talons and flew away.
Being evil, the doctors then left for their lunch break, laughing and joking as they walked out. The effect of the drugs were now starting to wear out, because Super Pansy is soooo coooooool! He suddenely realised that something was amiss. His one eye was missing! He didnt know what was happening or what to do. He paused to think, and as he closed his eyes, he could see nothing but objects that appeared like buildings. People on the roads appeared as small as ants. He could see what the other eye was seeing! So taking advantage of this 'birds eye' view so to speak, he contacted the only person who he knew would help, SuperCraig.
Now SuperCraig was out on a date with this super hot girl and he was about to.... ahem ahem.. this is a family blog. So jumping forward a few hours, (:P) SuperCraig called back SuperPansy to ask him what happened. He explained everything and SuperCraig was struck with a brilliant idea. (When have his ideas been anything short of brilliant?)
SuperCraig suggested that SuperPansy close his eyes and tell him what he saw. This way they could see exactly where the eagle was going and finally find out the secret hideout of Dr. Know It All. The eagle finally landed after 20 minutes of flight. To a place so obvious, that it would take a genius a hundred years to figure it out! Dr. Know It All was hiding out in Villian Hospital!!
SuperCraig was on his way to the hospital. SupeCraig also summoned a few doctors to meet him at the hospital. Meanwhile, Pansy.. i mean SuperPansy was still in the hospital, pretending to be drugged. At this time he could see exactly where the eagle was moving, and the eagle was on the shoulder of Dr. Know It All. The place seemed very familiar. A long corridor, an operation theatre at the end. Room 101 it read. Wait a minute! SuperPansy was in that very room. Dr. Know It All was nearing the room. He could now hear the footsteps outside. Dr. Know It All, being the person he is, knew exactly what SuperPansy could see. He purposely held a knife in front of the eye. SuperPansy was terrified. If his ear was besides Dr. Know It All, he would have heard "Fattuuuuuuuuuuuu". The door was opened with a bang. But SuperPansy stayed still. He later said he was pretending to be unconcious, but we all know he really fainted with fright. Dr. Know It All was about to cut open SuperPansy's eye when a stone broke the window and "Thud" his eagle fell down. Looking down at the dead eagle, he thought "How did i not know that was going to happen?" "I can not be Dr. Know It All anymore." as he continued to cry over the bird.
But wait.. who threw the stone? What happened to SuperPansy? Ok ok if you insist on knowing.. i will tell you.
The stone came from the road. SuperCraig threw it. It was just a coincidence that there was a mango tree outside. Dr. Know It All was no more evil, and he started dedicating his time and expertise to good. SuperCraig thought, why not go visit SuperPansy at the hospital while he was there.
As they say, Kill two birds with one stone... in more ways than one.
So another disaster was averted thanks to SuperCraig.
*SuperCraig does not recomend staring into the sun for too long. It is not good for your eyes, and besides... get a life!


Avril said...

lol craig that was really good. the phrases and everything was really too good... hv u really written this entire thing on ur own or did u copy paste it?? its damn funny.. jus 1 question - who is the hot girl??? lol
i like this part..
"This would later come back to bite his butt."
and SUper Pansy actually sounds like u. lol
"So taking advantage of this 'birds eye' view so to speak, he contacted the only person who he " - like this too and the killing 2 birds with 1 stone..
did he make mango pickle with the mango later on??

Dolwin the great said...

Haha cool screenshots dude.

But i guess super craig can fly right? So whats the concept of the mango tree?

And hmm i guess the hot girl was Neha hahahahahahhahaha

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Will dolwin and super craig have a face-off for the hot girl??

Super Craigkiller said...

Super Craig! Dolly left his mark here....
He was thinking all along that he was Dr. Know It All cuz he writes Dr. Know for a living.. :(
dunno whether to cry or laugh...
However the real Dr. Know It All is now the Weeping Wolf!

Khyati said...

Well i know the Blind Pansy Guy...hehehe
Awesome blog dude!
Your sooo coooool man. :p

SuperCraig said...

haha thank you all for your support. i would never able to do it without you guys... no wait.. i just did! :P

Calvin Pereira said...

So the audience (the males section) is still wondering what happened to the Hot girl? Did she get the ahem ahem? Did she find some other Super Hero? Did she go back home? Will she ever go out on a date with SuperCraig? Did Skeletor (i.e., ME in the same hotel) get jiggy with the Hot girl?

SuperCraig save the blog?