Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It was a day like no other. Didn’t venture out to work, slept till late hours of the morning (if it was still morning that is) and did everything that a self respecting superhero should not do. Well, that does not mean I am not a superhero— if I am self respecting, that’s for you to decide.

A visit to the old superhero lab was in store. I had been there the previous day to help conduct a few experiments. These experiments went on to late hours of the night. The main experiment that day was to find out the optimum combat techniques that could be used in the field. Obviously, knowing the type of superhero I am, I would never use these. It was fun nevertheless knowing what it was to be real danger.
Anyway, getting back to the day in question. I had visited the lab in the afternoon to collect the final reports of the experiment conducted the previous day. My superhero colleagues (Long-hair-then-short-now-growing-long-again-dude, Black man and the latest addition, The Laughing Buddha) decided to conduct these experiments in an external, uncontrolled environment. The perfect place was decided and off I went to check it out. However, having prior appointments I could not stay long. So finding out the minute details of the location I started moving towards my secret lair. Then, I was contacted telepathically by one of my colleagues. “Where the heck are you?” “I am on my way back. I am not available for any experiments today.”
The three of them suspected that there was a superheroine involved here. Who in their right mind would fall for SuperCraig I thought. I was on my way to a top secret mission, the details of which I could not give anyone. All I will say, it involved a huge ‘M’ a long queue some chilli sauce and a burp in the end.

For the sake of the people concerned dignity, I will not mention who cried that day.
This is SuperCraig bidding farewell, but not for long, reminding you to always flush after you are done!

Experiments: Counter Strike: Condition Zero
Superhero lab: Infomedia18 (old office)

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Calvin Pereira said...

SuperCraig, the "Glossary" saved the day :)~